Following Six Hydro Electric Power projects are already being developed by HPPCL.

Shongtong Karcham HEP       450 MW
Sainj HEP                             100 MW
Sawra Kuddu HEP                 111 MW
Kashang HEP                        243 MW
Renuka Ji Dam HEP                40 MW
Chirgaon Majhgaon HEP          42 MW

Shongtong-Karcham Hydro-Electric Project (450 MW)

Shongtong Karchham Hydro Electric Project, a run-of-river scheme, on the river Satluj in Distt. Kinnaur of HP, envisages construction of 102.50 m long diversion barrage, near village Powari, to divert 406 cumecs discharge to four sedimentation chambers, each 300 m long. Water from sedimentation chambers is further carried through water conductor system comprising 8020 m long 10.00 m diameter circular HRT, terminating in 39.50 m diameter surge shaft and three 5.10 m diameter steel lined (each 211.00 m long) pressure shafts, to feed three vertical axis Francis Turbines, housed in an underground powerhouse, located on the left bank of the river Satluj near village Ralli, to generate 450 MW of power.

Sainj Hydro-Electric Project (100 MW)

Sainj HEP has been contemplated as a run of the river development on river Sainj – a tributary of River Beas in Kullu Dist. of HP. The project comprises: a diversion barrage on the river  Sainj near village Niharni, intake arrangement on right site of barrage for drawing 35.88 cumecs of water, an underground de-silting arrangement, with two chambers of 145 m x 15 m x 7 m size each, to eject all silt particles down to 0.2 mm, a 6300 m long 3.76 m diameter modified horse shoe shaped Head Race Tunnel, an underground restricted orifice type 9 m diameter, 87 m high surge shaft and one 2.75 m diameter 550 m long steel lined pressure shaft taking off from surge shaft, further bifurcating to feed two

Pelton vertical axis turbines, each generating 50 MW power located in an underground power house on right bank of river the Sainj near village Suind.

Sawra-Kuddu Hydro-Electric Project (111 MW)

Sawra Kuddu HEP has been contemplated as a power generation development on the Pabbar River in Shimla District (HP). The project comprises of a piano key weir, an intake structure to draw 78 cumecs discharge through three openings, surface gutter type de-silting arrangement divided into three portions, each 80 m long 19.5 m wide and 10.5 m deep for exclusion of silt particles down to 0.2 mm size, 11.145 km long, 5 m diameter D-shaped Head Race Tunnel, 14 m diameter 82 m high underground restricted orifice type surge shaft, 4 m diameter steel lined pressured shaft, trifurcating in 2.30 m diameter branch shafts, to feed three 37 MW capacity each vertical axis Francis turbines, housed in an 90 m x 14 m x 39 m size underground power house cavity located on the left bank of the Pabbar river near Snail village.  

Integrated Kashang Hydro-Electric Project (243 MW)

Integrated Kashang HEP envisages development of Kashang and Kerang Streams, tributaries of the river  Sutlej comprising four distinct stages as under:

Stage-I (65 MW): Comprising diversion of the Kashang stream, at El.2829 m, to an underground powerhouse located on the right bank of Satluj near Powari Village, developing a head of approximately 830 m.

Stage-II & III (130 MW): Comprising diversion of the Kerang stream, at El. 2872 m, into an underground water conductor system leading to upstream end of Stage-I water conductor system, augmenting the generating capacity of Stage-I powerhouse, using Kerang waters over the 820 m head available in Kashang Stage-I powerhouse.

Stage-IV (48 MW): This stage is more or less independent scheme harnessing the power potential of Kerang stream upstream of the diversion site of Stage-II. In this scheme, a head of approximately 300 m could be utilized to develop power in an underground powerhouse located on the right bank of Kerang stream.

Renuka Ji Dam Project (40 MW)

Renuka Dam project, conceived as a drinking water supply scheme for the National Capital Territory of Delhi, envisages construction of 148 m high rock fill dam on river Giri at Dadahu in Sirmaur district and a powerhouse at toe of dam. The project will ensure 45640 ha m of live water storage in its reservoir and a firm water supply to the tune of 23 cumecs to Delhi besides generating 40 MW power exclusively for use of Himachal Pradesh. The Dam will also result in generating additional power of 93.83 MU by existing 60 MW Giri HEP. Total cost of the project at December, 2006 price level is Rs. 2175.00 crore which shall be borne by Govt. of India/ Govt. of Delhi and other beneficiary states. The project is scheduled for completion by November 2014.