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  EOI & Tenders Description    Date of Uploded
HPPCL invites tender for outsourceing of services of annual repair & maintencance of residential & non residentials Sawra- Kuddu HEP  15/03/2017
HPPCL invites tender for construction of power house Complex Sawra Kuddu HEP.  06/03/2017
HPPCL invites tender for Gauge and discharge observation at intake site  Deothal & Deothal Chanju  06/03/2017
HPPCLInviting  tender Supply & Installation of Batteries for 6 KVA UPS at Electrical Design Unit-II, HPPCL, SunderNagar, Distt. Mandi (H.P.)”.  2/02/2017
HPPCL invites tender for annual repair & maintence of residance building at Hatkoti.  9/02/2017
HPPCL invites tender for rehabilitation of dumping sites by providing biological engineering measures of enviroment Sawra -Kuddu HEP.  9/02/2017

HPPCL invite tender for scrap of MS sheet, Rock bolts,steel girder and MS plates Sawra-Kuddu HEP


HPPCL invites tender for refilling of cartridges/toner at Himfed Bhawan BCS New Shimla  3/02/2017

HPPCL invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the Design, Supply,Construction & erection testing,commissioning, operation and maintenance at Barra Dol.


Comercial Amendments 


HPPCL invites tender for rehabilitation of dumping sites by providing Biological Enginering measures of enviourment managment plan Sawra-Kuddu HEP



Notice inviting TENDER for Construction of Re-aligned extension of exploratory drift DL-8 from RD-95m upto RD-125m and crosscut along the centre line alignment of the spillway.

HPPCL invites expression of interest from firms  for appointment internal Auditer for year 2016-17.  24/11/2016

HPPCL  invites tender for construction of Diversion Barrage Power Intake Desending arrangement gate & Hosting Sawra-Kuddu HEP




HPPCL Invites tender for annual maintenance  contract for computer hardware its peripherals at Sunder Nagar.
Corrigendum - 28-09-2016     
Corrigendum - 25-10-2016

NIT_Supply, installation and commissioning CCTV video surveillance System at Sainj HEP, HPPCL, Distt. Kullu (H.P).


Clarifications regarding Supply, installation and commissioning of CCTV video surveillance System at Sainj HEP, HPPCL, Distt. Kullu (H.P)

Shifting of office of DGM(EC), HPPCL and extension of bid submission thereof-Corrigendum-II 






HPPCL invites tender for recuitment Implementing agent for Chanju-III and Deoth Chanju HEP.  26/09/2016

HPPCL invites tenders for running of Canteen at Himfed Bhawan BCS New Shimla  Corrigendum-1


HPPCL invites tenders for shifting of all items from existing office to Himfed Bhawan New Shimla  

HPPCL invites tenders for Repair & maintence works for 195 MW Integrated Kashang Hydro Power Station  

Corrigendum - 1 


HPPCL invites expression of interest from firms of Chartered  Accountants for empanelment  for appointment internal Auditer for year 2016-17

EOI cancellation notice. 

HPPCL invites quotations for hiring of office accommodation for Jassi Dam HEP at Suni on lease basis for three years.   11/08/2016
HPPCL invites tender development of bench by excavation cutting and filling of earth Solar power project Berra -Dol   20/07/2016
HPPCL invites tender  for construction of approach road Gelhi Jubble Distt Shimla   08/06/2016
 HPPCL invites sealed quotation for rate Contract for Supply & Installation of Computer Hardware Components.  01/06/2016
 Hppcl invites tender for hiring Vehicle on fixed monthly charges Himfed Bhawan Tutikandi Shimla-5  19/05/2016

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