Relief & Rehabilitation

Acquisition of land generally induces change in land use pattern and can disturb the economic base. The R&R Action Plan is therefore formulated with an objective to resettle the families rendered landless or affected families whose land/house/shop is acquired and to rehabilitate them in such a manner that they improve or at least regain their previous standard of living, earning capacity and production level. Besides, it is imperative that the transition gap is to be reduced to the minimum possible extent.

With proper resettlement and rehabilitation plan, an amicable relationship with Project Affected Families (PAF) can be maintained which is essential for efficient operation of the project. It is generally seen that the displacement during acquisition of land is involuntary and the PAFs have to face a new social setup. During such transition period, the rural economic environment is generally transformed into higher cost of living and reduction in traditional sources of income. In general, PAFs face difficulty to cope with the new environmental set up. Domestic changes in the land use patterns substantially alter the agro based rural economy and lifestyle of affected families.

Therefore, the H.P. Power Corporation Limited hereby proposes the policies and schemes for Resettlement and Rehabilitation of the persons affected on account of acquisition/ of their land and other immovable properties along with water rights under the Land Acquisition Act.1894 for the construction of various projects undertaken by it.


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